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March/April 2019
Hello there,

Last week, we hosted a webinar titled Considering Voice and Chatbots? Plan for Enterprise. It is available for replay on-demand here.  We fielded excellent questions from individuals spanning professions across many types of healthcare organizations. Thanks to all who participated!

Consider these items posted during our Q&A:

  • "Loving the concept of the AI chatbots as a conversational portal into an organization, network, etc. No more searching websites, calling the wrong extension, having the right person be unavailable, etc., etc."

  • "Is there an AI engine under your hood? Is it constantly learning and adapting to new questions, and storing that new information to be reused as answers to new questions? (NOTE: The answer is "yes!)
I suspect one of these individuals is more technically entrenched while the other is more focused on the business value proposition for conversational AI to solve common frustrations among today's patients and consumers. 

During our Orbita-hosted webinars, most questions focus on real-world applications of virtual assistants — what are today's most common use cases (customer service, clinical, other?,) how does a virtual agent deliver care protocols?, etc. On the technical side, we most often get questions about security, multimodal capabilities (text, voice, video, etc.,) integration with EHRs and other systems, etc.

This wide range of inquiries reflects today's reality of an early and rapidly maturing market. We see varying degrees of understanding and adoption along what the Orbita team has dubbed the Spectrum of Use for Virtual Assistants (see graphic.) We're excited to work with our customers and partners to blaze this new trail.

Please access our archived webinar:
Considering Voice and Chatbots? Plan for Enterprise

Thank you — and I wish you the best in your voice and chatbot endeavors!


Bill Rogers
Orbita Co-Founder & CEO 
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PS:  Some attendees of last week's webinar requested information about Orbita's partner program and about our support for white label experiences. To learn more, please contact us: or or ( +1)617-804-5550.

AI is at the core of the user-focused future of health care

Digital health is the focus on a special tabloid insert that published last Friday in issues of USA Today across several major cities. This compelling quote was included in an article about healthcare's step into the 21st century:
Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 4.24.55 PM
"Healthcare reformation is upon us and we all must prepare. Fortunately, the industry is realizing the capabilities of digital health tools that facilitate better patient experiences and reimagine care delivery, making it more efficient, convenient, globally delvers and safer."

A Q&A article with industry experts from leading academic institutions included our own Bill Rogers. Panelists agreed that artificial intelligence and virtual intelligence are at the core of the user-focused future of healthcare. 

Orbita CEO Bill Rogers"Today’s nurses, physicians and other providers routinely perform mundane tasks (administrative responsibilities, follow-up phone calls, etc.), which limits their time with patients. Voice- and chatbot-powered virtual assistants, including those that leverage AI, can provide a streamlined experience by automating many of these tasks."

Experts from Cleveland Clinic highlighted the value of distance health technologies for their organization, and the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) contributed an article on the importance of accuracy across a patient's health record especially as today's digital health solutions capture data in radical new ways. Thanks to our friend John Nosta of NostaLab, for his article titled For Digital Healthcare Innovation, Collaboration is Key.
See the complete issue of the USA Today insert. We encourage you to add your "voice" to this discussion. Send us your ideas at


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April 2, 2019 – San Francisco
Kristi Ebong, Orbita SVP of Strategy, will be at this new event. Want to meet Kristi? Send her an email or connect with her at LinkedIn.

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April 14-16, 2019 - New Orleans 
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April 23-24, 2019  – Chicago
Orbita is pleased to be a bronze sponsor at MedCity INVEST this year. Don't miss this panel:
What Can Alexa/Voice Do for Healthcare?, April 23, 9am
Orbita SVP of Strategy Kristi Ebong joins a stellar line-up of panelists including Alyssa Jaffee of 7wire Ventures, John Brownstein of Boston Children’s Hospital, and Tal Wenderow of BeyondVerbal
April 25, 2019 - San Francisco, CA
At 2:40pm, Orbita SVP of Strategy Kristi Ebong will be speaking during the session: Can You Hear Me Now? Voice Enabled Solutions in Healthcare


The State-Of-The-Art Of Voice Technology And How to Leverage It For Older People

Hosted by Aging 2.0 Boston Chapter
May 8, 2019 – Boston

Featuring Orbita President & COO Nate Treloar as a panelist with co-panelists James Wyman, Co-founder and COO of Pillo Health, Stuart Patterson of LifePod and Kendra Seavey of Care.Coach

Healthcare Innovation + Investment Conference (HI2)HI2_4C_Horizontal
June 17-19, 2019 – Chicago 
Join us for a presentation by Orbita CEO Bill Rogers on Tuesday June 18 at 3:40 pm

Register, Secure Discounts, Respond to Call for Speakers 

  • Connected Health Conference, October 16-18, 2019 Boston 
  • Voice Summit AI, July 22-26, 2019: Orbita is a gold sponsor!
    • Early registration ends March 31 at midnight. Use code FIRST500 to get:
      • EXPO + Main-stage + Breakouts pass for $100, valued at $195, 
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  • Technical Documentation Roundup, May 21-23, 2019, Menlo Park, CA
    • Call for speakers due April 5
      • Event organizers are seeking presenters who are part of the voice revolution and have best practices, lessons learned, and case studies

  • Eye for Pharma, April 16-18, 2019, Philadelphia
    • Visit our colleagues from OZ on the exhibit floor; OZ is a global consultancy specializing in customer experience enabled by digital innovation

  • Voice of Healthcare Summit, August 5-6, 2019, Boston: Orbita is a sponsor!

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